Reign of Winter

I Dont Believe N Fairees
We Kept Wawkin 2day.

It Wuz A Warm Day. That Iz Weerd Bcuz Ther Iz A Lot Ov Snow. I Gess ITz Not That Cold.

I Kept Sho Movin Snow. Thn The Hol Grup Stawpd Movin. I Dont No Y. But They Wuz Actin Funny. So I Kept Movin Snow. Then I Saw A Shadoee Shape. AN ENEMY! HAHA!

Evry1 Wuz Shoutin At Trees And Then Carrug Found An Enemy!

So I Roared! I Charged! I Swung! It Exploded Into Glitter Blood Tissue And Sarcazem… I No It Wuz Sarcazem Bcuz It Gurgled At Me Like Nayt Does. Bcuz It Wuz Nayt.


Remme Wuz Yellin. I Wuz Yellin. Chuffy Wuz Tellin Me 2 Shove the Axe Deeper. Gos Wuz Givin Nayt A Back Massage. Then Dart Spit On Nayt And Rubbed A Bug On His Back.

He Got Better! YAY!

Better Feed Dart 2 Have Health Potions!

I Said Sorry.

Then I Bilt A Small Fort. I Also Bilt Snow Orcs! ROAR!

Then Sleep.

2day We Are Goin 2 Find The Lady. But First We Found A White Elk. I Wanna Eat It And Wear Its Pelt And Bones.

Maybe Make Skull Into Friendship Hat 4 Nayt. He’d Like That!

Elk Ran Away Tho. I Threw My Axe And Dart Such An Eager Little Guy Grabbed Onto The Axe And Went With It! But He Missed Grabbin The Elk.

Oh Well.

Big Guy And Me Are Gonna Track It!

Remme And Nayt Found Us And Gave Us Some Weird Bug. I Guess They R Collectin Bugs Now.

Evry1 Needs A Hobby!
Carrugs GreaT Day!
2day Wuz A Good Day.

I GoT N A FiTe WiTh A Bunch Ov FuN Guys.

I GoT 2 Drink AloT Ov Bear Bier STuFF.

We GoT Fired (Bad Thing) Tho From Ower Jobs (Sad Thing). BuT Now We R Big Hereos Hieros Champs. Were Going 2 Rescue A Lady From Tha Bad GuyS.

NayT And Remme DidnT Wanna… BuT Then They Agreed! YAY! And Gos Agreed 2!

So Paka Loona Me Brinyar Brenjar Big Guy DarT Remme NayT Gos And ChuFFy R Going On An Advenchur! YAY!

We Smashed Sum Dogs – But They Was Dead So ITs O K. Then A Log HiT Me. IT Tickled. He He. NayT Flew! I DidnT Noh HalFies Could Fly! I Learned SumThing!

Yay For Carrug!

Now Carrug Has A Bunch Ov Shynee STuFF – Carrugs Gonna Sell IT All! GeT Mor Shynee STuFF!

BuT B4 ThaT We FawT SnakeThings. They WernT TuFF. BuT They Was Mean Looking. We Killed Sum Ov Them. 1 GoT Away And ThaT Is Sad.

BuT I GoT A Hed From 1! Ima Have Sum1 Make IT InTo A Pawldrun Powldryn SholderThingie!

Now Were Going 2 Res Save Tha Lady!

Remie's First Day

Arrived in the town with the circus caravan. First stop: The Main Tavern. Several of the party could not go into the tavern owned by Friedrich. Last season, they ruined several of the bar wenches, benches, and trim. Everyone in the bar is nursing their drinks heavily. Friedrich tells us of the winter that has fallen on this town during the summer heat. There have been several patches of snow found around town and the lake has frozen over which caused Jebedia’s son to be injured. Each of these patches of snow have stayed for a couple of days and melted. There have also been sightings of winter animals close to town including: a winter fox and a giant white weasel. If we have time, we should try and find Dridan Cab, the hunter/drunkard who saw the giant white weasel. Friedrich says the sentinels are not doing anything but Lady Argenta has traveled to consult others about the problem. After finished our ales, Nat and I leave for camp and talk to the ring-master, Cletus Bailey aka “The Flea-Man”. He tells us to go get the others from their bar fight because we are leaving. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to see much of the fight/aftermath due to the heavy amount of blood everywhere. Why do they pick fights with buildings and people? After getting back to Cletus, we are told that we no longer have employment, even though that scum bucket of a leader has PAID US IN TWO MONTHS! Later, Nat will pee in his bed.

Before Nat can pee in his bed (A CRYING SHAME), the town sirens sound. Carrug tries to carry a reluctant Nat and I along with him, which doesn’t work for me. I jump on Carrug’s back to get him to drop Nat. Nat falls on his butt which is hilarious. We travel to the town center but get onto one of the tower balconies to watch the head magistrate talk. The Head Magistrate, Ian Telpin, is taking volunteers to travel 6 miles to rescue Lady Argenta who has been taken. The only survivor who has come to talk is Ulan Orstag who is currently staying with Elena Telpin. He got away in the attack on Lady Argenta’s carriages. He tells is story. Since it took several minutes, the cliff notes are below. Raiders attacked (four and five from the front), wearing winter clothing, came out of the woods, little balls of light, beasts that shouldn’t be there. Great white stag. Large fireflies/Fae, firing bolts at the other riders. Before they attacked, there was snow of the trail.

After that lovely story, we travelled back to the circus, eat whatever provisions we have and set up camp. In the morning, while “Gos” is doing her morning prayer ritual, I travel to town to get provisions. Buy provisions for three days = 2 gps. (KEEP Losing Money) We travel for a couple of hours and come upon the ambush and SURPISE snow. All horses and people are dead. There are two carriages. All of the wounds are from swords. The “Viking” opens the second carriage and four undead poodles that start attacking. I throw two daggers and wound two of the dogs (they were probably so cute at one point). As I am picking up the two thrown daggers, we talk about what we have found. After the dog fight, the Viking found a box which included a signet ring, earrings and gold.

We continue our travel on the path with all the footprints. The group gets to a clearing, with a large chest that is buried in the snow. Carrug triggers a trap of a swinging wooden log. Several people in the party get hit (hahahah). But when picking up the chest, we find all the armor/equipment of the guards underneath. There is a masterwork dagger, which brings my equipment total to 52, 51 daggers and 1 Morningstar. (Happy Dance)

This path is getting ridiculous. All of this snow… Any taller and I will not be able to walk. Now we are surprised by these GIGANTIC snake things. One of them got a hold of me and I got out of that like butter. Okay more awkward than butter but I got a little bit away from the Snake and drew two throwing daggers. I throw enough daggers and we kill three out of the four TOGETHER. No matter what Dart says, he did not defeat them by himself.

If there are spelling and/or grammar errors, it is all a lie. Let it go.

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