Reign of Winter

I Dont Believe N Fairees

We Kept Wawkin 2day.

It Wuz A Warm Day. That Iz Weerd Bcuz Ther Iz A Lot Ov Snow. I Gess ITz Not That Cold.

I Kept Sho Movin Snow. Thn The Hol Grup Stawpd Movin. I Dont No Y. But They Wuz Actin Funny. So I Kept Movin Snow. Then I Saw A Shadoee Shape. AN ENEMY! HAHA!

Evry1 Wuz Shoutin At Trees And Then Carrug Found An Enemy!

So I Roared! I Charged! I Swung! It Exploded Into Glitter Blood Tissue And Sarcazem… I No It Wuz Sarcazem Bcuz It Gurgled At Me Like Nayt Does. Bcuz It Wuz Nayt.


Remme Wuz Yellin. I Wuz Yellin. Chuffy Wuz Tellin Me 2 Shove the Axe Deeper. Gos Wuz Givin Nayt A Back Massage. Then Dart Spit On Nayt And Rubbed A Bug On His Back.

He Got Better! YAY!

Better Feed Dart 2 Have Health Potions!

I Said Sorry.

Then I Bilt A Small Fort. I Also Bilt Snow Orcs! ROAR!

Then Sleep.

2day We Are Goin 2 Find The Lady. But First We Found A White Elk. I Wanna Eat It And Wear Its Pelt And Bones.

Maybe Make Skull Into Friendship Hat 4 Nayt. He’d Like That!

Elk Ran Away Tho. I Threw My Axe And Dart Such An Eager Little Guy Grabbed Onto The Axe And Went With It! But He Missed Grabbin The Elk.

Oh Well.

Big Guy And Me Are Gonna Track It!

Remme And Nayt Found Us And Gave Us Some Weird Bug. I Guess They R Collectin Bugs Now.

Evry1 Needs A Hobby!



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