Reign of Winter

Carrugs GreaT Day!

2day Wuz A Good Day.

I GoT N A FiTe WiTh A Bunch Ov FuN Guys.

I GoT 2 Drink AloT Ov Bear Bier STuFF.

We GoT Fired (Bad Thing) Tho From Ower Jobs (Sad Thing). BuT Now We R Big Hereos Hieros Champs. Were Going 2 Rescue A Lady From Tha Bad GuyS.

NayT And Remme DidnT Wanna… BuT Then They Agreed! YAY! And Gos Agreed 2!

So Paka Loona Me Brinyar Brenjar Big Guy DarT Remme NayT Gos And ChuFFy R Going On An Advenchur! YAY!

We Smashed Sum Dogs – But They Was Dead So ITs O K. Then A Log HiT Me. IT Tickled. He He. NayT Flew! I DidnT Noh HalFies Could Fly! I Learned SumThing!

Yay For Carrug!

Now Carrug Has A Bunch Ov Shynee STuFF – Carrugs Gonna Sell IT All! GeT Mor Shynee STuFF!

BuT B4 ThaT We FawT SnakeThings. They WernT TuFF. BuT They Was Mean Looking. We Killed Sum Ov Them. 1 GoT Away And ThaT Is Sad.

BuT I GoT A Hed From 1! Ima Have Sum1 Make IT InTo A Pawldrun Powldryn SholderThingie!

Now Were Going 2 Res Save Tha Lady!




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